DamnVulnerableLinux Strychnine has been released

Finally, after several delays:

DVL Strychnine is based on BT2. Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL) is located at . Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL) is for educational purposes only!

Actually, it is a perverted Linux distribution made to be as insecure as possible. It is collection of IT-Security tools. Additional it includes a fullscaled lesson based environment for Attack & Defense on/for IT systems for self-study or teaching activities during university lectures. It's a Live Linux Distro, which means it runs from a bootable CD in memory without changing the native operating system of the host computer. As well it can be run within virtual machine environments, such as qemu or vmware. There is no need to install a virtual machine if you use the embedded option. Its sole purpose in life is to put as many security tools at your disposal with as much training options as it can. It contains a huge ammount of lessons including lesson description - and solutions if the level has been solved by a community member at

These are the cheat codes which you can use to enable specific features in DVL Strychnine:

Useful Commands:

● ati – initializes the ATI Xconf and starts KDE.
● startx – starts KDE.
● flux – starts Fluxbox.
● share – mounts a windows share to /mnt/share.
● leetmode – starts a KDE Sensor array (karamba) .
● start-kismet-ng – auto configures kismet.conf and runs kismet.
● fixvesa – restore original vesa xconf (not in beta).
● sshd-generate – creates SSH Keys. Usually followed by /usr/sbin/sshd.

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