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I'm currently following the module IT Law & Forensics in my course. I have been looking for online resources on belgian IT law but haven't found many. I did find one very interesting blog: Law & Justice (Dhr. Jacobs). Too bad that there are no new items for 2007. Some of the more interesting articles are:

If someone knows more (Belgian) resources, please let me know.

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Garth said...

Hi Benny,
As you know I am doing research on computer crime legislation, so I can get you a LOT of resources if you want to.
What you did NOT know yet is that my thesis topic will be on the criteria for admissability of policing agencies to use hacking as a valid method of investigating crimes. (Which is a reason I am SERIOUSLY thinking about not going on a legal German course this summer but rather join you at CCC 2007)



PS check out this Wiki post I made;