Security update for Firefox and how to do an enterprise rollout

I still prefer using Firefox 2 with the NoScript, Adblock and Flashblock extension for added security. But even Firefox needs to be patched and I would do it today. Some security vulnerabilities were fixed and you should upgrade to 2.0.4 asap. Use the builtin upgrade function or download from There is also an upgrade tool from Firefox to version 2.

Do you think Firefox is hard to deploy and manage in an enterprise environment? Think again.

Did you know that rather than manually performing rollouts and
management, you can use Windows Installer, Group Policy, and Active
Directory (AD) to help automate these tasks? To push out Firefox with
Windows Installer, you of course need to have properly prepared MSI
package files, and to manage configurations, you need Firefox to
interact with AD. I found a company that has a solution to both

Firefox Community Edition not only integrates with AD, it also gives
you the ability to control the desktop icon as well as shell
integration, similar to the way Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
integrates with the shell. It also can be set to be the default
browser, handles uninstallation if you need that, comes with Adobe
Flash Player pre-installed, and more.

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