Trojan and German Police forces

An update on the German police wanting the rights to hack computers to find evidence as reported earlier.
Luckily, the German Supreme Court deems police hacking illegal. But I remembered reading that the same rules do not apply for the German Intelligence Services. I can't seem to find the article right now. But anyway, a Trojan is using this theme for social engineering.
Downloader-AAP pretends to be send by ‘LKA Rheinland-Pfalz’ – State Office of Criminal Investigation. McAfee describes the Trojan in more detail:

The user gets notified about an online search, because his IP address was found while monitoring Peer-to-Peer networks. Backups of the content of users hard drive got taken by the “Bundestrojaner”.

Further on, the user will face a criminal prosecution because of illegal software, movies and/or music files found on the machine. Detailed information about the online search can be found in the attached protocol.

So no, don't click on it! For full details visit McAfee Avert Labs.

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