Windows vs Linux: which is the most secure?

Well, I won't answer this myself. Both need hardening and securing. The Register has made their own assessment:

So why have there been so many credible-sounding claims to the contrary, that Linux is actually less secure than Windows? There are glaring logical holes in the reasoning behind the conclusion that Linux is less secure. It takes only a little scrutiny to debunk the myths and logical errors behind the following oft-repeated axioms:

  1. Windows only suffers so many attacks because there are more Windows installations than Linux, therefore Linux would be just as vulnerable if it had as many installations
  2. Open source is inherently less secure because malicious hackers can find flaws more easily
  3. There are more security alerts for Linux than for Windows, therefore Linux is less secure than Windows
  4. There is a longer time between the discovery of a flaw and a patch for the flaw with Linux than with Windows
Read the article for the full details.

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