Webcast: China's Wicked Rose and the NCPH Hacking Group

An interesting Webcast: Wicked Rose and the NCPH Hacking Group (Verisign iDefense)

More than 35 zero-day targeted attacks and related exploit codes emerged during the summer of 2006. Wicked Rose is the Chinese hacker responsible for developing the infamous GinWui rootkit used in the earliest attacks. This VeriSign-iDefense exclusive report provides participants with an in-depth view into the means, motives and culture of Wicked Rose's NCPH hacking group, including photos of the individual hackers. This is a story you won't read about anywhere else, revealing the intimate details of some of the most sophisticated targeted attacks to date.

Since we have been discussing Titan Rain and some government intrusions these last days, it might be interesting to have a look at this.

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