Chinese hit India 3-4 times a day

Another entry for our CyberIntelligence series, from Daily News & Analysis India:

NEW DELHI:The cyber attacks on Indian government targets, including the National Informatics Centre (NIC), are being mounted from dial-up internet connections in China, say key intelligence officials.

The hackers, who have broken into the email accounts of 200 ministers, bureaucrats and defence officials, are raiding Indian servers at the rate of three to four a day.

But Indian government officials refused to speculate on the involvement of any Chinese government agency. In the attacks on the US, Germany and UK, media reports had blamed China’s Peoples Liberation Army hackers.

Normally, in internet hacking investigations, it is extremely difficult to track down the real geographical location of the hacker. But in this case government investigators have serious reasons to point fingers at China.

The official said there was “no doubt” that Chinese hackers were now monitoring email traffic on secure government networks and could take control of NIC mail servers at will.

In the last six months, internet and network protection have suddenly become buzzwords in Indian intelligence circles.

In related news, the official site of the Syrian Embassy in London seem to have been compromised. (

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