Crime does pay

From this article from the FTC website, I read about the Media Motor Spyware Scam. This Trojan downloaded Spyware, Adware and Porno Pop-Ups to consumers’ computers

Operators who infected more than 15 million computers with destructive, intrusive spyware will give up $330,000 in ill-gotten gains from their venture to settle FTC charges that their scam violated federal law. The settlement will bar the defendants from downloading software onto consumers’ computers without disclosing its function and obtaining consumers’ consent prior to installation, bars them from downloading software that interferes with consumers’ computer use, and bars false or misleading claims.

They installed their malicious software that was covertly included in free programs like screensavers and video files. The software changed consumers’ home pages, tracked their Internet activity, altered browser settings, degraded computer performance, and disabled anti-spyware and anti-virus software. Many of the malware programs installed by the Media Motor program were extremely difficult or impossible for consumers to remove from their computers.
Justice has been served? Well, since their income of the whole operation was $3,595,925, their loss is 'only' a 10%. No jailtime. What reason would stop someone else from doing the same again?

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