Thursday was pwned in 15 minutes and a small review of the event

Well, the participants weren't the only 'victims' at, apparently the backbone switch got pwned 15 minutes after the start.

It was my first visit at the conference. They have about 200 visitors which makes it a small but more social event. The talks were super on the content side. Given my interest in presentation techniques, I was reviewing the presentation style of everyone as well. There were a few "death by powerpoint" cases. An example of a good presentation was the one from Lance Spitzner or the presentation about enabling cross-site requests from Thomas Roessler's. A good set of slides should help the talker present the message, it should not be the entire message. Here are some presentation pointers:

  • keep the text short, avoid excessive bulletpoints
  • limit the number of slides (or at least the total time)
  • avoid stock templates
  • use visuals (our memory is better in remembering images then text)
  • alternate your voice, don't speak in a monotone fashion
  • try to use a joke from time to time (depending on the audience this can be hard)
  • don't read from your slides (prepare!!!)
So kudos to the entire and keep up the good work. CU next year!!!

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