How to pentest a VOIP enabled LAN

Sandro from published a short story called "How to get the job done". The plot is a scenario showing how SIPVicious tool suite can possibly be used in a corporate environment by a malicious intern.

"The objective was to get the latest research documents from the lab servers. Chris didn't ask why, and they never asked how, but he did not think it would be much of a problem. His previous experience had taught him that no one seems to take these things too seriously until its too late. Especially for someone from the inside. But Pharmakom Industries seemed a bit different. It was the third day since the meeting, his ‘research’ had been exhaustive and had had no luck yet."

SIPVicious tools currently consist of:

  • svmap - this is a sip scanner. Lists SIP devices found on an IP range
  • svwar - identifies active extensions on a PBX
  • svcrack - an online password cracker for SIP PBX
  • svreport - manages sessions and exports reports to various formats

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