Inguma: A Free Penetration Testing Toolkit

Inguma (A Free Penetration Testing Toolkit) Version 0.0.4 has been released and is available for download in


* Many bug fixes.
* Added one module to check for the most common Oracle Appplications Server vulnerable urls.
* Added "smbgold" module, to search in SMB/CIFS shares for interesting files (*.mdb, passwords.txt, ...).
* Added "scapereal" to distribution. Run "sniffer", sniff a packet list and type "ethereal". You will see an ethereal like GTK Window showing all the sniffed packets in a graphical fashion.
* First version of the GUI using pyqt.
* Added a module to gather information from an Oracle TimesTen server.

Screenshoots of the new QT Gui:


Complete ChangeLog:

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