Phishing Trends Activity Report for July 2007

Released on the October 18th:

The Anti Phishing WorkGroup's combined report, covering phishing activity during July 2007 is available here: APWG Phishing Trends Activity Report for July 2007.

Some highlights of the report:

  • For the first time recorded by the APWG, China has surpassed the United States as the country hosting the largest percentage of phishing websites with 23.74% of the total detected in a month’s sampling period.
  • The average time online for phish sites descended to 3.6 days, the shortest time-live duration yet recorded by the APWG.
  • The number of unique phishing websites detected by APWG in July was 30,999, a decrease of nearly 1,000 from June.
  • July saw a decrease in the number of hijacked brands to 126, a drop of 20 from June.
  • The number of unique phishing reports submitted to APWG in July was 23,917, a decrease of nearly 5,000 reports from the previous month.
  • Financial Services continue to be the most targeted industry sector at 94.4% of all attacks recorded in the month of July. The APWG notes that more than half of the most targeted brands belong to European financial institutions.

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