Presentation skills & Pecha Kucha Brussels

It's not unimportant to have good soft skills. Being a domain expert just isn't enough anymore. You have to be able to adequately present your ideas.

With this in mind, I have been analysing the presentations on not just the content, but the presentation techniques. How many slides were used? Do they use good visuals? Do they read from their slides? Do they use too many text or bullet points in one slide? etc etc.....

You can look at a comparison of presentations from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Guess who gives the best presentations?

Lance Spitzner at for example was also very good at giving presentations. To help improve ourselves, there is a progress report on the book from Presentation Zen. And there is the first Pecha Kucha night in Brussels coming up.

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NEXT EVENT: Vol.01 - 20 November 2007 - 20:20 pm

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