The Russian Business Network denies allegations

Yesterday, I talked about the Russian Business Network which provides Web hosting services to numerous cyber criminal operations. Today, I read an article by where an individual claiming to represent the Russian Business Network has denied these allegations. Jaret said, everyone was essentially wrong in their assessments:

"We can't understand on which basis these organizations have
such an opinion about our company. We can say that this is subjective opinion
based on these organizations' guesswork." Jaret's e-mail signature identifies
him as working in RBN's abuse department.

Despite the consensus of the security community, and
recent press reports from
The Economist and The Washington Post, RBN denies that it's a web
shop for criminals. RBN doesn't have any more criminal activity on its network
than any other provider, and it responds to abuse reports submitted via e-mail
and a telephone hotline, says Jaret. He claims the organization closes
criminals' sites down within 24 hours of notification.

After security companies began scrutinizing RBN, the
company took down its website and changed its registration information. The
iDefense analyst says RBN doesn't need a website, because it gets its business
through word of mouth in the underworld, and from dodgy crime-oriented web
forums. RBN says it gets its customers through resellers, and that a new website
is under development.

Full article here.

Having read the last part of the article, I tried to go which seems to point to the loopback address. Phishy indeed.

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