SSA Version 1.5.2 - OVAL Vulnerability Assessment Software

SSA (Security System Analyzer) is free non-intrusive OVAL-Compatible software. It provides security testers, auditors with an advanced overview of the security policy level applied.

Features :

  • OVAL-compatible product
  • SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol)
  • Perform a deep inventory audit on installed softwares and applications
  • Scan and map vulnerabilities using non-intrusive techniques based on schemas
  • Detect and identify missed patches and hotfixes
  • Define a patch management deployment strategy using CVSS scores

Changelog for v.1.5.2

  • Based on OVAL 5.3 build 20 (see OVAL project for more information)
  • SSA now supports SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol -
  • SSA now supports scan for missed patches (using SCAP format)
  • Updated OVAL XML Viewer Plugin
  • Updated database to 2039 definitions

Download it SSA Version 1.5.2

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