Sans Top 20 Vulnerabilities for 2007

It's been out for a week but nevertheless ;the Sans Top 20 Vulnerabilities for 2007 was released.

Seven years ago, the SANS Institute and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) at the FBI released a document summarizing the Ten Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities. Thousands of organizations relied on that list, and on the expanded Top-20 lists that followed in succeeding years, to prioritize their efforts so they could close the most dangerous holes first.

The threat landscape is very dynamic, which in turn makes it necessary to adopt newer security measures. Just over the last year, the kinds of vulnerabilities that are being exploited are very different from the ones being exploited in the past. Here are some observations:

This year’s list of top risks diverges from lists in past years that focused on very specific technical vulnerabilities that could be fixed by tweaking a configuration or applying one patch. Because attackers are moving so quickly today, such point-fixes are outdated almost immediately. For that reason, this year’s list of top risks focuses more on the areas that attackers are targeting and where organizations need to enhance their security processes to ensure consistent application of technical fixes.

Read the 2007 SANS Top 20

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