The CNCERT annual report on the overall security of China for 2007

From sbin.cn:

CNCERT released their annual report on the overall security status at China for 2007. You can download this report at their website. This report is in Chinese.

At this report, some numbers and trends are highlighted.

Compared against those numbers at 2006, security incidents and botnet(zombie) hosts at China increased rapidly, or even upsoared.

  • website phishing - 1.4 times
  • malicious code at web pages - 2.6 times
  • defaced websites - 1.5 times
  • Trojaned hosts - 22 times….

where the Trojaned hosts are estimated to up to one million (995,154) IPs compared against 44717 IPs at 2006.

Hmm. Does not look too good. I'm sure that the English version will also be released. You can find the previous reports in English here.

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