Example Social Media Guidelines for Employees

The percentage of internet users (or employees) using social media whether it are blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds or other social media, is only increasing. There are a lot of benefits of participating in social networking. Companies should embrace this but provide clear guidelines. Even if it are private blogs, people can be identified with their company and it can be considered a reputation risk. IBM is so kind to provide their IBM Social Computing Guidelines:

In the spring of 2005, IBMers used a wiki to create a set of guidelines for all IBMers who wanted to blog. These guidelines aimed to provide helpful, practical advice—and also to protect both IBM bloggers and IBM itself, as the company sought to embrace the blogosphere. Since then, many new forms of social media have emerged. So we turned to IBMers again to re-examine our guidelines and determine what needed to be modified. The effort has broadened the scope of the existing guidelines to include all forms of social computing. Below are the current and official "IBM Social Computing Guidelines," which continue to evolve as new technologies and social networking tools become available. (abstract)
Even if your company doesn't publish any guidelines themselves. This is a good example of a guideline you can use for yourself.

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