Firefox 3 goes live and suffers some small downtime

Well, when I saw that Firefox Download day started on Twitter, I tried to download Firefox 3. But I only got a time-out. An hour later, the site was back up but still only showed version 2. A good hour later, everything seemed fine and I downloaded the 7MB just under 20 seconds. The story on Netcraft more or less tells the same story.

Melissa Shapiro posted a statement on the Mozilla blog to say that their servers were feeling the burn and should be back to normal shortly. An earlier post stated that the record attempt would begin today at 5pm UTC, but Shapiro announced after this time that the 24 hour period in which the downloads will be counted will begin once the site goes live.

Netcraft was able to access the Firefox 3 download page again shortly after 7pm UTC, but the Service Unavailable message was still seen occasionally. For some period before this, the page was still offering version 2 downloads, yet a Mozilla press release confirmed that Firefox 3 had indeed already been released.

A follow-up post on the Mozilla blog officially announced that the 24 hour period had begun, with Guinness counting all complete downloads of Firefox 3 before 18:16 UTC tomorrow.

The outages also affected the www.spreadfirefox.com website. Realtime performance graphs of the Mozilla website are available here.

I was already testing Firefox RC3 over the weekend and this upgrade also went flawlessly. Some small comments from securotyfocus.com:

By Tuesday afternoon, Mozilla stated that about 14,000 people were downloading the software every minute. The demand caused server problems in the early afternoon, according to the company.

"This will put us well into the tens of millions of downloads in a 24 hour period if we can sustain it," the company said in a statement. "Each download is about 7MB so that’s around 13 Gigabits/s of just download traffic. Not too shabby!"

So, everything seems up and running so grab your copy now!!! Then check out the top 10 features, and more advanced Firefox 3 tricks. Get the full Firefox 3 coverage here. (Source: Lifehacker.com)

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Anonymous said...

Another observation: at least for Linux, the final version of FF3 was bit-by-bit exactly the same as the RC2.
"Tout ça pour ça" as Lelouch says... (trad: "all that for that")