Social networking within large enterprises

The enterprise architecture blog has a nice article about social networking within enterprise:

Have you noticed that many consulting firms such as Accenture, Bearingpoint and even McKinsey will talk about the importance of social networking. Do you think that they have the liberty to publish and present information without leveraging their fine PowerPoint templates? Could a consultant from one of these firms maintain the goals of perception management while ignoring worst practices such as using PowerPoint bullets? Could they do a 2.0 style PowerPoint communication with strictly images (and no bullets) with little internal churn in doing so?

I guess my point is that social networking isn't about tools or even the process around tools, but more about removing the impediments for capturing knowledge, providing insight and enabling conversations that lead to implementing the strategic intent of the business in an agile way.

Too much of the conversation around social networking within large enterprises to date has been about tools (e.g. wikis, blogs, instant messaging, etc) and we have let the process weenies once again allow something that could be really game changing to be reduced down to mediocrity...
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If you want to have more insights into integrating web 2.0 successfully into your enterprise,
James MacLennan from the cazh1 blog has some interesting insights:
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