New hackerspace @ Brussels

During the 2008 conference, I was attending a lightning talk on the new hackerspace in Luxembourg. There are hackerspaces all over the world. You can find them on:

To avoid misunderstanding, the broad term "hacking" is understood here in the context as "creative use of technology" and not "illegal computer break in" (not as in the political & media terror-inducing FUD).

So it may be hardware hacking, fun with lasers or LEDs, software hacking or some other creative activities, it's interesting to see such gatherings are being organized. It's just more regular and on a smaller scale compared to upcoming events like HAR2009. I was even more surprised to hear during the presentation that there was one in Brussels. So I started digging:

TMPLAB was proud to present that Brussels now has a Hacker Space for the belgian hackers to meet and organize their projects. It started with a bootstrap meeting on October 12th 2008 in Brussels. Belgium is a famous hacking country and host several well known hackers as MisterX, maintainer and project leader of the aircrack-ng tool.

They just started and are only with a handful of people. It's mainly focused on wireless stuff (because of the current people behind it) but that can change with your participation and contribution!!! If you want a first look at the HackerSpaceBrussels and the location to attend meetings go to:

The next meeting is 09 Nov 08: Aircrack-ng at Okno (to be confirmed) - More information to
come (and will be announced on

(Photo from the hackerspace in The Last HOPE conference under creative commons from mightyohm's photostream)

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