How to follow #Blackhat / #Defcon / #BsidesLV without being there (updated x4)

Note: this is a rehash of a previous blogpost

Well, I'm one of the poor souls who couldn't make it to the Blackhat/Defcon / SecurityBsides fun. There are some ways to follow the events in Vegas (real time). ;-)

The first tool is to use twitter and follow the hashtags #defcon, #blackhat and #bsideslv. If you have a twitter account, I would recommend installing tweetdeck and setting up 3 search columns. For those without a twitter account, you can use the Twitter search (and import it through RSS) or even better: twitterfall.com which is more interactive.

Keep an eye on the Security Bloggers Network (RSS) and a Technorati search (RSS). A lot of security bloggers will be covering the event.

You can also monitor Flickr for the tag 'defcon18' (RSS). And this site collects all the @blackhat and @defcon pictures from twitter: http://hashalbum.com/blackhat and http://hashalbum.com/defcon

This social media aggregator also looks nice: http://twubs.com/defcon and http://twubs.com/blackhat (all you tweets and twitpics are belong to us!) ;-)

I think that's more then enough to follow the event except for a live video stream. ;-)

If you have more tips, feel free to mention them in the comments.

Update: added SecurityBSides (thanks @webantix), shame on me for forgetting
Update 2: I know there is a video stream for Blackhat but it's not free so that's why I didn't mention it!
Update 3: Added twubs.com
Update 4: Added hashalbum.com

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Zynx said...

You have the black hat uplink also http://www.blackhat.com/html/uplink/bh-us-10-uplink.html